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PEI Business Profile: Spruce Grove Landscaping

spruce-grove-pei-logoSpruce Grove Landscaping has been in operation on Prince Edward Island for over 25 years and seasonally employs ten people. Jordan Mol currently operates the company, and has since 2013 after graduating with a Business degree from the University of Prince Edward Island. Jordan credits his education in business as well as a keen interest in entrepreneurship and the outdoors as the combination that led him to the position he now holds. Spruce Grove Landscaping is proud to offer a variety of services to enhance any commercial or residential property, whether it be hardscape (walkways, retaining walls, patios, etc) or softscape (gardens, shrub/flower beds, yard cleanup, etc).

Spruce Grove Landscaping also provides interior plant design and maintenance for a number of workplaces. This is a division of Spruce Grove Landscaping that is provided year round, and one that they hope to expand for the future.

Changes in the Landscaping Profession on PEI

Asked to describe notable changes or advancements in the Landscaping profession on PEI over the past 10 years, Jordan states that there has been an increased demand for yards and properties that are well kept and are subsequently visually appealing. To this end, he states: “Islanders are known for taking pride in their properties and maintaining trim lawns, with a variety of foliage and shrubs/flowers. There are many cost effective and affordable landscaping options that will increase the value of any commercial or residential property, and in the past 10 years these options have become utilized and more readily available.”

A Typical day at Spruce Grove Landscaping

Given the increasing demand in Landscaping services on PEI, companies such as Spruce Grove Landscaping are mainstays in the industry because of their flexibility and adaptability. A typical day for Spruce Grove Landscaping starts very early; crews of 2 to 4 employees are assigned specific locations with tasks for their residential or commercial landscaping project. The actual work that is completed from site to site can vary greatly. Projects can range from flower or shrub bed design to maintenance of outdoor properties. More complex tasks include installation of retaining walls and walkways, but these are typically more lengthy projects. While working outside and keeping active is a benefit of their profession, the staff at Spruce Grove Landscaping take pride in working with their customers to increase the aesthetic appeal of their property.

What’s Next for Spruce Grove Landscaping

Although Spruce Grove Landscaping has been a successful business on PEI for over 25 years, the company has a vision to expand in the coming years; over the next five years, states Jordan, “we hope to expand our staff and equipment so that we can better serve Prince Edward Island. This in turn will create jobs for young people in the province, who may otherwise seek employment opportunities elsewhere.”

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