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PEI Business Profile: High Valley Plumbing and Heating

Employing red seal plumbers, High Valley is a growing and ambitious company serving primarily central and eastern areas of PEI. Providing services to both residential and commercial sectors, High Valley offers a wide array of services ranging from service calls to major commercial projects.

Early Beginnings

Bradley MacAulay entered the plumbing trade when he was 18 years old. He began as an apprentice at Hynes & Smith before moving on to work in Calgary at Hoover Mechanical. Bradley then moved back to PEI to become a foreman for Mr. Plumber before embracing a role as a plumbing instructor at Holland College for two years. In 2012, Bradley opened High Valley Plumbing and Heating, along with his wife and four boys. The company has grown to include four red seal plumbers and one second-year apprentice.

Bradley considers himself fortunate to have studied and grasped the trade from a young age as it has prepared him for the wide range of work the company encounters on a daily basis. “High Valley’s ‘day to day’ work is never the same and that’s the best part of this profession. We never know what is coming next,” MacAulay states. “We may be setting brand new fixtures, re-modelling a bathroom, responding to a no water call, piping a new boiler, installing water treatment products, auguring a blocked sewer or even roughing in a new home – the sky is the limit!.”

Customer Focus

Bradley takes great pride in being able to help Islanders with their plumbing or heating problems. “We often see people at their worst with emergency calls, busted pipes, no water or even just a bad time for a repair bill. I always loved being that guy to the rescue, the feeling you get when you know you made someone’s day is an amazing one,” he says. In addition to working to resolve plumbing or heating issues, MacAulay also enjoys working alongside customers to help plan a project and see it through to the final product. “I love starting a very detailed project, when the mechanical room is empty, and then seeing the final result and saying ‘Hey, I did that, I made that,’” he says.

Ultimately, under the leadership of Bradley, the company aspires to continue to work closely with customers to help make their project a reality. States Bradley: “The thing I love most about what I do is the close interactions with customers. I love taking our customers ideas they draw on paper – or sometimes even a napkin – and making them a reality.”

Advancements in the Plumbing Industry

One key advancement in the plumbing industry in recent years stands out to Bradley – the introduction of PEX piping. “This is a huge savings on install time as well as maintenance. Copper is still a ‘go to’ for some situations and commercial projects but for the most part PEX is still the most used product,” he says.

Another important progression is being able to use infrared technology. This allows Bradley and his team to locate pipes on the ground, in concrete and the walls and allows them to find heat loss in different areas. The evolution has really changed the diagnosing of heat sources, sizing of boilers and maintenance.

Continued Plans for Growth

Over the next five-to-ten years, High Valley plans to expand both the shop and office space as the company creates a new position in their office, with an overarching aim to provide customers with the best possible service.

With a team of red seal plumbers, Bradley has great confidence in his experienced team. “I feel we can take on any project and be very competitive. We plan to stay current with training and new products. Our supplier offers great training in-house for our staff and ourselves to take advantage of.”


With competitive rates and FREE estimates, contact High Valley Plumbing and Heating today at 902-940-6547 for your next plumbing and heating project!

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