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PEI Business Profile: Fresh Perspective –

Company Overview

Fresh Perspective – has been changing the lives of many Islanders since 2010 when Margie Villard joined the Professional Organizers of Canada (POC) and became PEI’s only Trained Professional Organizer.

Having spent over 20 years as an executive assistant with a love of technology, organizing schedules, travel arrangements, and setting up office filing systems, Margie was able to leverage these talents and skills en route to transitioning her organizational passion into a business to establish Fresh Perspective –

Fresh Prespective PEIThe company offers services for both residential and commercial clients. Residential services range from organizing closets, kitchens, garages and home offices, to complete homes, downsizing and moving. Commercial services offerings include facilitating office efficiency, creating or updating operation manuals, setting up or organizing electronic & paper filing systems, providing project management and social media training as well as scheduling and virtual assistant work.

The Organizing Process

Margie employs a tailored approach for each residential or commercial project. Asked to describe the process at a high-level she states: “The organizing process begins with an assessment to identify what’s working and what systems are needed. Sessions are booked in 3 hour increments; for some clients that is all it takes, while others require more time.” She continues, “What people don’t realize is, this is a very mental and emotional process. After a session clients are physically tired, but relieved. We are doing more than rearranging their belongings; they are learning what systems work for them and how to use these skills in other rooms/areas of their lives.”

Labour of Love

Being a Trained Professional Organizer, Margie takes great pride when clients see an immediate difference in the way their home feels or business works. Margie’s company offers a confidential, non-judgmental environment to enable clients to explore the reasons why they hold on to what they do by asking specific questions and gradually letting them redefine their space. The ability to offer a Fresh Perspective on a person’s home/workspace is very rewarding for Margie.

The Future of Residential and Commercial Organizing

The ever increasing demands on our daily lives, coupled with the increased popularity of shows focused on residential organizational ideas such as TLC’s “Hoarders” & “Clean Sweep”, has brought the Professional Organizing industry into the mainstream. Consequently, the demand for Trained Professional Organizing is only increasing as people want calmer, more relaxed and efficient environments to live and work in. To keep up with the increasing demand for trained professional organizing, the membership of the Professional Organizers of Canada is steadily increasing, standing currently at over 500 members.

Looking ahead to the next several years in the professional organization business, Margie aspires to continue to grow partnerships with local companies that complement the services she offers, and continue to give back to the community through such means as offering donations of quality items to non-profit organizations. Furthermore, she states: “I believe in recommending and promoting other local businesses as a way of strengthening the PEI economy and network of professionals I surround myself with. As the demand continues to grow, I look forward to having other new Trained Professional Organizers joining me.”

For more info and to get in contact with Fresh Perspective, checkout their listing page here.

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