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Finding the Right Customers for your Business

3000Our first blog post (“Hiring your Next Service Provider – Tips for Success”) offered suggestions and tips for customers in selecting their next residential service provider.  This, our second blog post, will “flip the coin” and offer advice for service providers to attract customers, and ultimately position their business for success.

Develop an Online Presence.

In a digital age, most people now use the Internet as a first resource to find or research all sorts of information.  Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for your business to have an online presence (such as being listed on ToolBoxExperts), and, if you want to bring it to the next level, to establish a website for your business.  Your business will gain greater exposure with a professional-looking website as it provides consumers with a snapshot of your company, which is invaluable in the decision making process. Once a prospective client speaks to you, generally their next step will be to search for your business online.

Getting listed on Toolbox Experts is one step (albeit an important one!) in creating your online presence; if you have your own website, make sure it is included with your listing on ToolBoxExperts.

Solicit Client Referrals.

In advertising, “word of mouth” is very important. People are heavily influenced by the choices of others. Encourage your current or previous clients to refer you to their family or friends. You might even consider offering incentives for those who refer people that eventually become clients.

Don’t forget, asking customers to leave reviews on your Toolbox Experts listing is a great way to show social proof and rise above the competition!

Be true to yourself.

Yes, we all know it’s shameful to inflate the costs of a service to a consumer. But it’s just as bad to undersell the true costs of your service to just obtain a client. Be sure that your quotes are realistic and are based on hard numbers. You don’t want to undersell something, only to go back to the consumer when the work is started with a revision to the pricing.

Not so Fast.

While it’s true that you have a business to run and need clients,  not every client that comes will be the right fit for you. While the prospective client checks you out, you should also evaluate them. Some clients can be difficult to work with, demanding more than their budget is able to provide. Ensure that the client is someone that you can work with, his or her desires are realistic, and that your business has the ability to fulfill it.

Tell us what you think! Do you have any tips to offer?  Let us know in the comments below!

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