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DIY is Not Always the Right Choice, Learn When to Call in an Expert

tools-569108_1280Taking on a home improvement project can be quite tempting. It often saves you money, it doesn’t look that difficult, you can do it in your free time, and hey, it might even be fun to learn something new! But then again, it might be a better idea to leave it to the experts. Use this guide to know when you shouldn’t DIY.


Unless you are a trained professional, or know all about electrical work, call in the pros to take on electrical projects. Getting hit by an electrical charge cannot only knock you to the ground, but it can kill you. Don’t put your safety at risk, just to save a couple of bucks. You may even cause more damage to the electrical work than what was there before. Call a PEI electrical pro.


Just like electrical work, if you don’t know anything about plumbing, don’t try to attack the task alone. Sure, you can probably handle caulking a leaky faucet or clogged toilet, but if it entails removing pipes or remodeling a bathroom, you’ll probably do more harm, than good, trying to figure it out yourself. Checkout our listing and reviews of local PEI plumbers here.


So you’ve watched the home improvement channel and have convinced yourself that you can take on a new project. But have you really thought about every detail? TV shows make it look easy, but there’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes and there’s usually a professional involved. Research it more online to find out what’s really required. If you think you may be getting in over your head, you probably are. If you are in need of general construction help or a handyman be sure to view our members.

Dangerous Tools

If a dangerous tool is involved, such as a power saw or chain saw, and you’ve never used it before, don’t take the chance of something going wrong. Unless you have someone to show you how to use it, you are better off not putting yourself or someone else in danger.

Need a Designer

If you just aren’t good at choosing color schemes or matching different textures, hire a pro. It takes a lot of work to make a whole room flow, let alone an entire house. That’s why designers exist. If you’ve recently purchased a home, or are ready for a new look, get a designer to take your inspiration and make it into your dream home.

Major Renovations

Ready to redo your bathroom or kitchen? This is a major project. It entails all of the above: electrical, plumbing, carpentry, dangerous tools and some design skills. Do you have all of these skills, or can you build a team of people that can be dedicated to the project? There’s probably a void somewhere. In this case, either hire what you need to fill the gaps, or hire a contractor so you can save time and enjoy watching your new place transform without lifting a finger.

Whether or not you have the skills to take on a home improvement project, it doesn’t hurt to check with a local professional to get an estimate of time and costs. It will allow to you really weigh which choice is the best one when taking on your new venture.

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