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If you are looking for a top-rated interior designer or interior decorator in Charlottetown, Stratford, Summerside, Cornwall, Montague or throughout PEI, there are a few things to consider first before beginning your search.

The terms “interior design” and “interior decorator” in PEI are often used interchangeably but there are a few key differences between the two. In PEI, many businesses offer both design and decorating services while others focus more on one or the other. As you think about your upcoming project in Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford, Cornwall or any area throughout PEI, it will be useful to understand a few key differences between interior design and interior decorating.

According to The Spruce, interior design is a profession that requires specific schooling and formal training. Some provinces even require interior designers to pass an exam before practicing in their field. Interior designers in PEI generally focus on structural planning layouts and help you formulate new floor plans and spaces. Design services can be quite useful during a new construction build as you consider your home plans and layout and can be particularly important during a home renovation as you consider how to best re-purpose your existing space.

Interior decorators are not required to have formal training or school as they mostly focus on the aesthetics (room colours, lighting, furnishings, home décor, etc.) of a space. Although no formal training is required, interior decorators in PEI usually have an educational background and/or notable experience in a related field prior to entering the profession and also enroll in courses, conferences and training to keep up with the latest trends.

Whether you hire an interior designer or interior decorator in PEI ultimately comes down to your specific project. If you are wanting to make structural changes, then it may be best to start with an interior designer. If you are planning to change the colours in a room or need help selecting furnishings or décor, then an interior decorator would be a good choice. Oftentimes, the nature of your project will require you to hire a professional that covers both the design and decorating elements. Luckily for Islanders, many companies offer both design and decorating services; therefore, finding top PEI interior designers and decorators may not be as challenging as you may think!

Here is a list of some of the best PEI interior designers and interior decorators.

Below are a few videos that may be helpful when considering a home design or decorating project in PEI.

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